Where Scott went

Weight: 220 kg, Length: 208 cm

Scott is a healthy, chubby seal who was captured on the main beach of Seal Rocks. He was tracked for 223 days between May and January.

On the map below, the coloured line connects locations where Scott’s PTT was detected. Scott spent most of his time in north-western Bass Strait. Before November, he always returned to rest at Seal Rocks. Then something happened and he went away. We think that maybe when bigger bulls, like Eric and Steve, started to defend territories at Seal Rocks, Scott, who was a bit smaller, got scared of them and left. Scott first went to a seal colony in western Victoria, called Lady Julia Percy. He then went down the west coast of Tasmania. While there, he rested at a place called Point Hibbs. Eventually, towards the end of the breeding season and when the territorial bulls were starting to leave, Scott returned to Seal Rocks in mid December. He also returned to his favourite feeding grounds in north-western Bass Strait.

Where Scott went when he was tracked.