Resources and Excursion ideas

Phillip Island Nature Park (PINP) Education Department
The Phillip Island Nature Park Education Department webpage highlights all the fantastic talks our Rangers deliver for schools and the general public.

Go to the education 'Nature Notes' page where you can download PDF documents about seals and all the other diverse wildlife PINP has to offer.

The Nobbies
The magnificent Nobbies Centre has views taking in Seal Rocks. Students will see the seal action on the rocks via video cameras. There are excellent displays about the life cycle and conservation of seals. PINP Education Rangers can tailor a program to the needs of your students.

Penguin Parade
The Penguin Parade Visitors Centre has many interpretive displays and is open during the day for visitors including school and family groups. They also have education staff who undertake Ranger Talks and guided tours.

To find out more information about ExxonMobil Australia's operations and community programs visit

Marine Species Conservation
Australian Government information about the conservation of marine wildlife including seals. Contains information for relevant legislation.

Entanglement of Marine Life
Australian Government information about marine entanglement with litter.

The RSPCA treats many injured animals. They have a school education service about a wildlife and pet welfare program.

Seal Conservation Society
Information and images of all of the world’s seals.

Stormwater Education - Australian Marine Environment Protection Association (AUSMEPA)
Click on stormwater to obtain information about the impact on stormwater on the marine environment along with curriculum materials.

Local Beach
Your class can visit your local beach to perform a litter survey. Some sand beaches in the Melbourne metropolitan area are regularly raked by special tractors. These remove most litter, including dangerous objects, so the beaches are safer for beach goers. For litter surveys and to provide a useful ‘clean-up’ of a beach, it would be better to travel outside this area.